How do your services differ from those offered by larger financial institutions?
Fullerton Advisors differentiates itself from many large financial institutions in the following ways:

  • We are independent and objective.
  • We provide personalized service.
  • We provide comprehensive advice.
  • We customize our plans to your needs.
  • We act as a fiduciary.

Do you provide investment management?
Yes.  Investment management is offered as a separate service.

Do you take custody (control) of investment assets?
No.  All accounts and assets are held in your name at an independent financial custodian.  Fullerton Advisors uses Fidelity as its primary custodian, but can work with other custodial firms if necessary.  Assets can be managed on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Who needs financial planning?
Anyone from individuals, small business, or large multi-generational families who are seeking to gain control of their personal finances, improve their ability to meet financial objectives, or enhance their financial peace of mind can benefit from financial planning.

Do you require minimum investment amounts?
We welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who shares our financial planning and investment philosophy, and to whom our services can provide significant value.  In order to provide a consistently high level of service, however, we do impose minimum quarterly fees.  

What is your investment philosophy?
We believe in broad asset allocation and diversification, disciplined long-term investing, and that an investment’s risk and return attributes must be considered together.  We also believe that utilizing low cost index based ETFs and Mutual Funds for the core portions in a client’s portfolio are the most suitable positions in a client portfolio .

We understand that each investor’s risk tolerance is unique, and that the greatest risk an investor faces is the risk of not meeting his or her goals.  We construct our portfolios with your goals in mind.

What type of investments do you recommend?
It depends on each investor’s circumstances.  For the equity portion of a portfolio we generally utilize ETFs or no-load mutual funds.  However, we may also recommend other investment vehicles if appropriate for your circumstances.

The fixed income portion of a portfolio is affected by many factors, including your liquidity and income needs, income taxes, time horizon, the economic environment, and net cash flow.  Depending upon these factors, we may utilize ETFs, no-load bond mutual funds or individual bonds. 

How do you charge for your services?
Our fee structure depends on the service provided.  Financial consulting and comprehensive financial planning services are typically billed on an hourly basis.  Although the actual fee will depend on the scope and complexity of your plan, you will receive an estimate before any planning is commenced.

The fees for investment management service are generally based on a percentage of the assets under management.  
Will you work with my other advisors?
Yes.  If you are currently working with other advisors such as an accountant or attorney, we will be happy to work with them to provide you with the most complete advice possible.